Friday, July 22, 2011

so what do you think?

i'm indecisive and not all that creative--so what do you think? i may still have some tweaking to do, but for now it's staying.. {for those of you new readers, i've changed my blog for like the 987453 time haha}

today was clint's mom's birthday so I spent the evening with his family and it was wonderful! his niece {lily} was there so you know she stole my attention. 

we had dinner

watched a movie on the 2 minute car ride home :) 

did a tinkerbell puzzle :)

wrestled with uncle clint :)

aww how sweet!

{phone photos so excuse the blurriness please :) }

her boyfriend! now i knew every little girl was in love with him, but i had NO idea it started THIS young--sorry selena, you have some competition ;))

favorite animals: bumblebees? princesses? 
silly LILY! :)

can you tell she LOVES the camera? but overall great night! hope y'alls weekends started off wonderfully! now time for some SLEEP!

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie


Lucy said...

your blog is soo cute. hope you will follow me?

Megan said...

Love love love the new design!! Looks amazing!

Maddalena said...


Ashley said...

steal lilbill next time you're with her!