Tuesday, July 26, 2011

one of those days!

so. today has been one of those days..i know y'all know what i'm talking about. work was long and hectic and i'm in one of those moods. {no reason to be either haha, must be goin crazy :) } my attempt to fix this mood??

{so the picture isn't as appetizing but mm sushi}

so it may not have been the best day ever--but with sushi, how can i complain? :)

i've been thinking about changing up my hair color--options:

i made it large so y'all can see it better, what do you think about them? off to eat ice cream to add to this wonderful day sorry for the short post :)) hope to hear your opinion!

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie


Michelle said...

thank you for the lovely comment on the blog your so sweet :] hope you'll follow the blog :]

love m.
keep in touch

Courtney said...

thanks for the comment, and i wish i had sushi to make it better lucky :P

Megan said...

YUM! That looks delicious! I had tuna and cereal. Random, but delicious! Haha! Not together...obviously!

According To Erica said...

Ah, that sushi looks so good! I had a long work day as well. :( Love your blog, I'm following. :)

Gianella said...

I love sushi too!!! I can eat it everyday without getting tired of it. Haha! Hmm, why not try something lighter for your hair? Probably like Miranda Kerr's :) Following you too now :)

Anonymous said...

What is with today! I had a horrible day that I just blogged about too haha AND I'm thinking of changing my hair color also ((did a post about that too)). We must be on the same wavelength haha


Abi said...

a lot of the times i think about changing my hair, i think i'll walk in looking like me, and walk out looking like my inspiration. just be sure to keep in mind what hair colors would look good with your skin tone. :) it's a classic girl mistake. but I think you would look pretty with some reddish...like the top left picture.

Peyton @ When All Else Fails Smile said...

mmm I love love sushi too!! Hope today is better :)

kelley mackenzie said...

Abi--SO true, i bring in a picture of a super model and expect to walk out looking like one haha--it's never the case :) and i was leaning towards that picture too since my hair already has an auburn twist

thanks for the well wishes :) today is going great!