Thursday, July 7, 2011

just your average day at the nelson's house...

SO. I thought i'd have nothing interesting to tell you guys today--i went swimming for the first time this entire summer and i've been out of school since the end of april..insane right? might even be a crime. I went with the most adorable little girl ever. Lily Isabelle.
{she's clint's niece and has such a spunky personality}

BUT. that's not even the most exciting part. came home, spending quality time with the family, hanging out outside grilling--mom making french fries in the oven when all of a sudden we hear screaming and low and behold-she started a fire. {and if you knew my mom, you'd know that this isn't surprising at ALL--no offense mom, if you're reading this} never a dull moment in this household. we couldn't even see two inches in front of us because there was SO much smoke. once all the madness died down i took a picture 
{keep in mind that this is just clean up}
{we had fans sucking out the smoke}
{and the front door open to speed up the process}

we were inhaling smoke for almost an hour--good times. :) clearly our home isn't filled with Martha Stewart's and Betty Crocker's--we can't be the only ones this happens to, right? {you can say yes just to make us feel better, i won't mind} now off to watch BIG BROTHER! may have to post later with my thoughts :) we'll see! 

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie


Anonymous said...

I set fires while (attempting) making sweet tea. No lie, wish it was a lie..but its not a lie haha

Megan said...

Hahahaha, oh my gosh!! Your poor mom!! That has definitely happened to me before, but not a fire, just a lot of smoke. It sticks around forever. YUCK!!

Sunny & Star said...

Awww the little girl is so adorable. I agree with you.

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Courtney Ash said...

Hahaha you don't know how many times i've done that! And girl your crazy how is this your first time going swimming!?!? She is adorable btw! Omgee okay so my link up is up you totally should go check it out :)) xoxo

Kris said...

Love your blog, so so adorable!

kelley mackenzie said...

aw thank you guys!! and it's nice to know we aren't the only ones that set fires!

&&courtney i'll be posting my video either tonight or tomorrow! :)