Friday, July 15, 2011

just peachy!

ah! so change of plans--past two days i've been at school finishing my room-soo i've got before and after pictures! i'm in love--but if you're not a girly girl, my room may just make you gag! {actually it will make you gag--but i think it's just so pretty} i'll be doing my vlog link up tomorrow now!


{view from the doorway}

 {closet-it's like another room!}

the pictures don't do it justice--it hasn't been lived in for a WHILE, i wish y'all could see HOW dirty the room was..our feet were black walking around, we scrubbed the floors for over an hour, yuck!


{some are hard to see so just click on them to make them bigger}

{those are old cigar boxes we found at a garage sale, they're pretty though--dontcha think?}
 {over where the nightlight is, is dutchie's corner!}

so what do you think?! i wasn't exaggerating about the girlyness was i? but the room has a feeling--it's happy :) ha! i can't wait to move in! i didn't get an after shot of the closet-but when i finish bringing clothes over i'll show you--we made it cute! I got SO lucky finding such an amazing place to live :)

most of the stuff was found at garage sales, antique stores, and tj maxx! bargain shopping at it's finest :) the paint color is called clay fire and is a Porter's paint--just in case you like it :) the peach turned out better than i expected!

oh&&i have to share a new store i found! i love it--to the few of you who live in: knoxville, birmingham, huntsville, or murfreesboro--Altar'd State they have the cutest clothes and it's Christian based--they donate a lot to charities. anyways, y'all give me your opinions-i can't wait to hear from you!

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie


Miss Independent said...

oh wow, i always wanted a room like urs! its so pretty! my current room is baby blue in color, been thinking bout revamping it for a while now!

Abi said...

soooo cute. it reminds me of a hotel room, in the best way possible. I love hotels. i think it's just the right amount of girly. its classy.

Gentri said...

SOOOOOO CUTE! You did an AWESOME job! I love it all!

stasie said...

wow, it's wonderful, just wonderful!)

ashley bailey said...

KELLEY!. it's so so so cute. you've always had the best rooms. this is no exception. ah, so pretty! & i love those cigar boxes.

Monica said...

What an awesome feeling to see this room ALMOST complete. We have yet to find the prefect Victorian desk chair and Dutchie is not there to add the loving touch!! It makes Dad and I happy to know you are away in a place that makes you happy!! Love you

Anonymous said...

Ok I am in LOVE with your room! Seriously, I want a breakdown of where you got everything starting with the adorable coat rack and going on to the furniture, I'm not playin' I LOVE it!

kelley mackenzie said...

thank you thank you thank youuuu guys :)) i was expecting more comments about how i went overboard on the girlyness hah! but i just love it so i'm glad someone else does too!

Abbey said...

Love your room! So pretty! :)

Kris said...

I am loving your room! So cozy! You've got to just love walking in it! Also, can we trade closets?! :)

Meagan B said...

okay stop it- this room is too great! You did such a good job and I LOVE it! How fun! I can't wait to see pictures of the closet too!