Monday, July 25, 2011

monday madness.

okay so today consisted of an early drive home on no sleep. but. got lots accomplished--even built a table. mhm, you heard right. i built a table. okay okay, more like clint built the table and i watched. BUT i did help sand, putty, prime, and paint! :) he is moving into his one bedroom apartment this weekend and needs a small kitchen table, all the ones he found were expensive--and we're cheap/broke college students--so he decided he'd build one. turned out pretty good, wanna see?

 {how it started}

 {we got this far saturday night}

{and finished product tonight!}

now obviously i "staged" it outside so it will look a bit different--he's going to get different bar stools--but curious on total cost?! drum roll................$22 bucks!  he has an open layout and is considering putting it sideways between kitchen/living room and having it set up like a breakfast bar--efficient for the space! whatcha think?!

oh&&and bachelorette watchers--what was up with that interruption?! come on now. but i'm pretty sure JP has it in the bag--i'm a new bachelor/bachelorette watcher {have only seen ali/brad's before this one} and for some reason i didn't get as attached to these people--am i the only one?

clint {yes, he watches it with me--and actually gets into it--he's a keeper ;) } called it on JP and Ben, i liked the dentist (blake i think?) but mostly because he was a cutie. we'll seeee!   

oh&&i was watching house hunters {confession: i'm addicted to HGTV--one of my grander moments was when my tweet was featured as "tweet of the week" and i had a commercial--don't know if i should be embarrassed or not that that is a proud moment in my life} and the woman was moving to a foreign country for its lifestyle and said "a lot of people in america live to work and i want to work to live" not all that deep, or original--but something i agree with :) so i may not know what i want to do--but i know i want to follow that quote. very scatterbrained post--sorry! now off to bed! 

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie


EmCain said...

I totally agree with you on not being as "into" this season of the bach! I'm not a big fan of ashley! AND ALSO- I'M TOTALLYYYYY ADDICTED to HGTV too ;)

Amanda said...

the table turned out awesome!! and I LOVE house hunters!! I watch it all the time :)