Saturday, July 16, 2011

it's hereeee!

my bike! it finally came and is assembled! whoever made that saying "it's like riding a bike--you never forget" was wrong. I wouldn't say that i forgot, but i definitely need practice if i'm going to make it to class without falling over.

{clint's fabulous photography haha}

okay--forgive me but i am not going to be doing the vlog link-up this week, i fully intended on doing it, but got busy this week, and then when i sat down to do it {tonight} i wasn't prepared for how awkward i would be haha--i had the video going && i made a fool of myself. mostly because i don't know what to tell you about myself! so forgive me please?! Courtney from Dear Darling posts a new topic every monday--so maybe one week i'll grow some confidence/actually have something to say :) how about some random facts about me instead?!
               -born in Greece
               -lived in Greece, South Dakota, Texas, Arizona, and Tennessee
               -favorite movie Dirty Dancing/anything with Johnny Depp {aka my future husband--even if he doesn't know it yet}
              -growing up i was one of those kids that tried every activity but nothing stuck {except being a nerd}

              -scared of: the dark, every scary movie, tornados, and people chasing me haha

{after my epic fail of a vlog on photobooth--my boredom turned into this haha}

 guess that's it for today! y'all have a great rest of your weekend!

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie


Gentri said...

I. Love. That. Bike...

Anonymous said...

I love your bike too!!! It is one of the best I have ever seen! I haven't ridden since I was little so I have always kind of wondered if I would remember how to ride, hehe :) So I will definitely need some practice too!

I hope you had a great weekend!

Kelsey Cole said...

You were born in Greece?! That is incredible! I want to visit greece so much. I would also love to live there, it sounds completely magical:)
Love your new bike too!

Lucie said...

ahhh i love your bike! you got it from ebay, right? would you mind telling me what seller you got it from?

Lucie said...

ahhh i love your bike!! you got it from ebay, right? would you mind telling me what seller you got it from?

kelley mackenzie said...

haha thank you guys!! there was a comment on here from Lucie asking what seller i got it from on ebay, not sure where the comment went-but! here's a link--he still has a few! {free shipping}

Courtney Ash said...

Love love love love your bike!!! WHY DON'T YOU LIVE CLOSER!? We so could go cruisin' on our pink n green cute!! And I totally understand about the *nervous* thing. I actually was freaked out when I posted my first video but after that I fell in love...Your photos are too cute though!! Have an amazing week- xoxo

Mariel Torres said...

I recently bought one just like it at a vintage sale... but it's dark purple. After seeing yours I've decided mine need a fresh coat of paint hehe