Monday, July 18, 2011


i've got a confession, i may lose some followers by admitting this slightly embarrassing fact about myself but here goes: i am in love with britney spears. it's true, when i was younger {like elementary/middle school..not last week ;) } it was an unhealthy obsession--but now i am pleased to inform you that it has turned into a completely healthy obsession! is there even such thing?! anyways. i bring all this up because iiii am going to her concert tomorrow with by wonderful best friend phoebe. this is our excitement:

can't you see it!? {note i am in my new room--sleeping in it for the FIRST time tonight haha}

i realize she's not a class act--but what can i say? I'm a loyal fan :) it will be my first britney spears concert so tuesday be expecting a full report--and a picture of me in my concert tee ;) i better get off here--phoebe has work in the morning and i'm being annoying on the computer :) 

{thought this picture captured how she's probably feeling right about now considering its 2 am--ignore the fact that i look like a mouse}

i don't think there will be time for a post tomorrow so i will talk to all you beautiful ladies tuesday! have a great start to your week!

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie


Gentri said...

haha! Have so much fun!! :D

Ashley said...

hope you had fuuun.. NOW ANSWER MY PHONE CALL!