Thursday, July 28, 2011


so for the first time ever i went golfing with clint :) i had a lot of fun because: i'd never been, i got to spend time with clint doing something he loves, and most importantly i got to drive the golf cart :))

but my honest opinion of golf? boooringgg {no offense if any of you are golfers} it's a peaceful environment--i give you that, but what a boring/frustrating sport. haha and SO many rules! geesh. 

so i started a new workout regimen today--i'm on a mission :) i'm going to try it out for a week or so && if i like how it's going i'll post the details! time to start big brother!

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie 


EmCain said...

I can definitely agree with you on the boring-ness of golf! You hit the nail on the head!! Every time the husband asks for me to go along with him I cringe a little. However, driving the golf cart is nice, and so is all of the sun you get!!

Anonymous said...

okay your blog is adorable!!!

Courtney Ash said...

How cute is this!?! AND OMGosh! I haven't been on my favorite blogs in awhile including yours and YOUR LAYOUTS ADORABLE! To to too CUTE! xoxo