Sunday, July 24, 2011

i need a hobby.

roommate recap: we started out our evening with our FIRST dinner in our dining room--had a picture to share, but due to a tragic accident involving a macbook, a fireplace mantle, a fall, and a concrete landing---the picture is no more. we had the meeting. went great. {it might have something to do with the delicious cake pops i brought them ;) } had to sort out some things--but i think this year will go by smoothly! we're all pretty calm girls, and can retreat to our rooms if we're annoyed ;)) thanks for the advice! we're going to separate food out just so no one has to worry about not having something they bought. oh&&i'm on "common area duty" aka clean the living room/dining room {shoot as long as i didn't get kitchen or trash i was happy! ha}

SO. i've done some thinking and i've come to a conclusion: i need a hobby. when i go back to school, i only have classes on tuesdays/thursdays--so i'm going to need something worthwhile to occupy my time and i'd like to become more active. i mean i LOVE my room, but i'm not trying to spend all day EVERYday in it :) i was thinking about organizations i could join or a sporty thing. {ha--if you knew me you'd know how hilarious that statement is} what do y'all like to get involved with? i'll have class/younglife but i need to take advantage of the free time i have, because too much time on my hands and i could become a bum--and that's not an option :) not to mention once i get into nursing school--adios life.

oh && my sister wanted to take some pictures today, so i thought i'd share some with you :)

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie


jane said...

You're wearing such a pretty dress, I love it !!!

LKF said...

Do you dance? I find it to be so much fun and such a stress reliever. If you're looking for something more athletic, maybe a dance team would be better. What about an art class? There are so many different outlets for creativity. Glad the talk with the roommates went well!
P.S- planning on making cake pops tonight!!

Gentri said...

You look so cute! I'm glad the roommate meet up went well. :D and hobbies... I say come up with a couple. One will make you bored too. Try having something crafty and something active... or something. haha!

Kelly said...

Kelley! One thing I always want to do and can't because of nursing school is get a little side job. Just for extra money and maybe a clothing discount if I worked retail lol. Something to think about.
If anything you could just bake all the time, those cake pops look delicious!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

You are so pretty! I love the dress you're wearing and the puppy!? Adorable! xoxoxoo

kelley mackenzie said...

aw thank you guyyyys! :) so sweet. but i actually haven't danced but i'm doing some research to see what all is available when i go to school! trying to see if there are fun part time jobs available--just has to be flexible for younglife!

Ashley said...

where are the cute ones of me??