Wednesday, October 19, 2011

iphone or droid?

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so i've finally jumped on the bandwagon and got a white iphone 4s--my poor droid was dropped many times and had many cracks to prove it. sprint just recently got the iphone (friday, I believe?) and with my upgrade it wasn't TOO expensive for me to make the switch. a friend of mine asked me which i liked better my iphone or droid so i thought i'd do a quick comparison on here! i had an Evo (4g) so definitely not a bad phone, I actually really liked it. granted i'm still learning everything on the iphone i thought i knew it enough to compare the two:


-better apps

-can sync your itunes

-layout is sleeker/straight forward (apple has a 
way of making things look cool)

-one word: Siri {i don't know how much i am
actually going to use her, but she's COOL}


-better camera


-you can personalize the layout MUCH more

-while text messaging, if you want to go back an edit 
something you can tap the screen and then there are arrows 
to move the cursor where you want it (iPhone does not have that 
so it makes it more difficult to correct a miss 
spelled word or change something you've typed)

-can make groups for contacts

-more widgets {quicklinks}

-still has a good camera

putting aside the fact that the iPhone is the "cool" phone to have right now, they're both pretty great phones-you just have to decide what aspects of a phone you want more-do you like designing it to fit you or would you like to use it as an ipod? because other than that they're pretty similar

which do you have/what are y'alls opinion on them?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sharptop cove!

what. a. weekend. it was amazing but SO tiring. I can count on my hands how many hours of sleep I got the entire weekend--but definitely worth it! I got to spend so much time with my incredible young life girls, hear an amazing speaker, listen to an incredible musician {Lee Younger}, laugh at great skits, and spend time with God in such a beautiful place!

i think i learned just HOW much I am going to have to rely on Him in my life and I am TOTALLY okay with that--and I got to see Him impact so many people around me-such a beautiful sight to see :)

 {isn't it such an incredible place? wish i could live there year long!}
{the BLOB!}
 {bus ride was fun and loud! ha}
 {we got in a flour fight!}
{our ride on the big swing!}

i wouldn't have wanted to spend my weekend any other way! one of the best parts was when jaci, haley, and i started dueling and threw each other into the pond-keep in mind it was low 70s-in the mountains-water freezing! i haven't laughed that hard in a long time-God has blessed me with such an incredible community! how'd y'all spend your weekend?!

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yours truly,
kelley mackenzie

Monday, October 17, 2011

review and My Memories giveaway!!

due to a hectic week filled with midterms and preparing for sharptop cove with my girls {i'll tell yall about that tomorrow} it's taken me this long to post! buuut here is the giveaway I promised!

okay. so when I got the email about doing this review/giveaway I was really excited, but also apprehensive. because I'm not going to just advertise anything on my blog in hopes to gain from it-I have to legitimately like it. I was scared I'd accept the offer, try out the program, not like it and then be stuck! THANKFULLY due to the amazingness of this software this review will be easyyyy!

now on to the review. it is a digital scrapbook software, but you can also make videos, cards and invitations {too bad i didn't have it a couple weeks ago when we had our tea party or else we could have had awesome invites} I was on the yearbook staff in high school so this is right up my alley! what I love is how simple it is to operate-the buttons are clear, editing is simple. {which is great for me, I don't have the time or patience to figure things out} I've taken multiple classes on photoshop and I still can't figure the thing out, this took me two seconds to look it all over and I knew how to do everything. another cool thing is every so often there are FREE new backgrounds, kits, and embellishments that can be downloaded to the software that automatically add to your options-there are also ones you can buy {real scrapbooking is just such an expensive hobby-this is much more efficient} once you've made something you can get your card, invite, or book printed! for my one year anniversary with clint I had a photobook made on shutterfly-which was fun, but this you can personalize SO much more, it will look much nicer, and it's only a one time payment {unless you win the giveaway and then it's free}!

it is called My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbook (version 2) and is the number one rated scrapbooking software on amazon! We announced to our kids yesterday we will be going to Crooked Creek Ranch {young life camp} for summer camp this year and out of excitement {I've never been to colorado!} I made a fake invite using the software--keep in mind this only took me five or ten minutes-so imagine what you could do with more time and creativity!

{and to export things as a jpg-you just click and button and it's done, I thought I'd have to go through some big long process to share my invite with y'all}

how to enter:

1. go to My Memories and pick out your favorite digital paper pack or kit
2. leave it in a comment so I can see what y'all like!
3. for EXTRA entries-follow them on their blog, follow them on twitter, and/or like them on facebook
4. leave a separate comment for each of your enteries

good luck! the winner will be announced next monday {what a great way to start the week :) }

for the rest of you-or your friends/family! they have been SO kind to give us a PROMO code! this gets us $10 off the software! Usually it is $39.97 and now it will only be $29.97--that is a good deal for a lifetime of free cards/invites/scrapbooks/videos! It also gets you a $10 coupon to the My Memories store!

my promo code is: STMMMS14117 {I would copy&paste for no errors}

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie

Sunday, October 9, 2011

a little retail therapy! {and good news!}

the lack of a post on friday was due to the fact that I had a sleepover with my younglife girls {which was amazing} but i was so tired {to say the least} so it was spent sleeping/relaxing. anyways-back to today. it was wonderful! some of my roommates and I met my mom and sister in nashville for some shopping! we recently got a Nordstrom's and none of us had been to it yet--so many things I wanted, but SO expensive, a girl can dream though right?! {we saw a dress for $7,800--who in their right mind would pay that?!}

the weather was beautiful and we started the day with lunch at whole foods--look at these tasty treats:

they look delicious, right?? hours of shopping later, we had to take a break {my mom could shop for days--i just can't hang with her} 

{z gallerie}

i left with some great finds and all on sale! {what could be better?} wanna see what I got? :)

 {after many recommendations, I'm trying this make-up!}
 {anthropologie, francesca's, anthropologie}
{free people--i think i may have been more excited about the bag it came in,
 it's cloth if you can't tell in the picture}

&&I promised good news in this post--details to come in the next few days, but there will be a giveaway in the near future! so keep checking in!! how did y'all spend your weekend??

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie

Thursday, October 6, 2011


so, remember waaaaay back in the day when i tried drinking water for a month to fix my acne?! well. no luck. so i FINALLY went to the dermatologist to fix this little huge problem. he gave me pills anddd gel. and {apparently} i pick at my face because i have lots of "marks" on it. i thought i was good about it, but clearlyyy i'm not because he busted me out. he says it's a slow "healing" process--so i'll keep you all updated! {stupid acne. and stupid lies about your face clearing as you got older-LIES}

{and don't be fooled--this face is covered with make up ;) }

anyone have acne tricks in case this doesn't work? or just better ways to take care of your face? i'd love to hear! I'll try anything!

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

thrift or theft?

you know that saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure?" well it couldn't be more true--or at least we hope it was "one man's trash"..our neighbors put all this "stuff" out at the end of the to the trash my roommates and I kind of assumed it was trash and went rummaging. found a {rickety} wooden swing and a {broken} chimenea...but in our defense, they were moving out so it easily could have been leftover trash, andddd most of it was broken. just in case we left a note/phone number saying we took their stuff and if it wasn't trash we'd give it back--fair enough right??

so we got red spray paint, painted the swing which gave it new life :) we got some crazy super glue and fixed the chimenea--good as new! I wish I had before pictures, but here are some afters:

we then cleaned up the backyard, hung lights and ta da! a once-plain-backyard-used-only-for-the-dogs-bathroom turned into cozy-smores-making-wonderland :)

any other great trash finds? {please tell me I'm not the only one that has done this}

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Fall :)

okay okay. I know it took me WAY longer to get back into blogging than expected, but i'm back for good! school has been CRAZY. anatomy is kicking me in the butt and it seems as if all my free time goes into that (and i still can't get an A)--quick update: younglife is in full swing! I've got my own girls :) SO exciting, still getting to know them all, but they are great! We go to camp next weekend and I know its going to be amazing! (pray for me--first time doing something like this)

so anyways. this past sunday we had an old fashion tea party at the house complete with floral dresses, finger foods, and Frank Sinatra on a record player :)

{thanks to goodwill, we got our teacups and saucers for a steal--only a few cents}

 {we had a mini photobooth set up with props}

unique/cheap thing to do on a sunday--tons of fun! I have lots more to share, but time to go study for my lab practical (goodbye life!)

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie