Monday, July 4, 2011

date night! (oh & happy 4th!)

considering my family and I aren't going out until later tonight for our 4th of july festivities--I'm going to have to postpone my 4th of july post! our plans are a riverside fireworks show--complete with a darius rucker!

this is kind of a random post--i'm home for the summer and my hometown {not very big or exciting} just got a Buffalo Wild Wings so clint & I had a mini-date and got lunch there--it's pretty much constantly packed! when we get something new here-it's the talk of the town&boy let me tell you-you can't go there without seeing someone you know.. {kind of like walmart-ha!}

&&&now a special treat--i was playing fetch my baby outside and one {of many} reasons i love {and am kind of obsessed with} her is the fact that she prances like an antelope--take a look:

now here is one of an antelope:

cute huh?! y'all have a safe 4th of july!

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie

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Gentri said...

SO cute! Thanks so much for following my blog! Yours is so cute! I'm excited to read more!