Saturday, July 23, 2011

betty crocker here :)

okay so today i tried something i've seen on a lot of blogs lately, cake pops! and let me tell you--i'm the new betty crocker :) okay, okay. i shouldn't go that far--but i do think they turned out good for my first try!

 {supplies used: just regular cake batter, put in a special pan, i used melted
 chocolate on some and vanilla frosting on others}

 {i tried a few with the cake on top but they were so heavy that only two survived}
 {end result!}
 {pretty right?!}

so pretty simple! you can get creative on how you want to decorate them--i just used the sprinkles/frosting we had around the house! but they taste SO good and are fun :) i'm going up to murfreesboro tomorrow to visit the roommates/go to church and i am going to surprise them with a few of these :)

on another many of you have/had roommates? tomorrow we are having a little "pre move-in" meeting {sounds so formal ha}, to sort out responsibilities given by our landlord, discuss pet peeves, and how we're handling the groceries--basically try and address any issues we might have before they happen. because from past experience/friends' experiences..if you haven't talked about it before hand, mentioning it once the issue has happened can cause drama or people can take it personal. &&with five girls living together in one house, there's just too much emotions/estrogen in one house. haha

any funny roommate stories? or advice you want to give us? i've heard too many times that friends living together end up not being friends--definitely don't want that to be the case!

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie


Ashley said...

cute&very yummy- I've had two :o

Anna said...

Love the new layout!

Meagan B said...

Those look so delicious! I'm living with three girls next year instead of just one and we decided that for groceries we are going to get those cheap little colored circles and just each have a color and put it on our groceries that we don't want to share. We will have some stuff that everyone can eat but then each have our own as well that way there are no disagreements. Just an idea!

LKF said...

Those cake pops look delicious!! Maybe I'll try making some today...what special pan did you use? And unfortunately, I'm one of those people with a horrible roommate story. Basically, we never really talked about anything beforehand, mostly because I didn't want to come off as controlling or rigid. But, let me tell is absolutely necessary. We had issues all year because of it. So please, tell them how you feel about boys staying over, what time you go to bed, if you can sleep with noise, etc. It will make all the difference :)

p.s.-i just read your about me. I'm interested in nursing too! Can't wait to read more from you


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your cake pops! I am SOO going to try making these! They just look so cute! It's a good idea to have a meeting. When I lived off campus I lived with friends and eventually we did get on each others nerves haha even with a "pre-roomie meeting." My best advice is to just always remain respectful when there are conflicts. Cause...there will be some haha

kelley mackenzie said...

those colored dots are a great idea! &&i expect lots of conflicts, or at least days when one of us is annoying someone! ha..hopefully talking today will help!

&&i actually found a pan for cake/brownie pops for under $10--but there are recipes to follow that don't require a pan, you just bake the cake regularly-the crumble it into a bowl and mix frosting in it so it's moldable--then dip in melted chocolate and add sprinkles :)

lushdeez said...

Those look amazing!! And you are super cute! Thanks for following :) I'm now following you too.
xo, kimberly.

Megan said...

Those are adorable! I have only made cake pops once, but it was a LOT of work. Haha.

Hannah said...

kelley...seriously i adore you! first of all, you make cake pops...enough said! these look so yummy! i love the pan that made them, too- i've never seen that before! i have a cake pop recipe on my blog but you have the make them into balls yourself, i like yours much better!!

good luck on your roommate situation! you are so sweet, i'm sure you'll get along just great with all yours! :)

Megan said...

so fun! these turned out adorable! i have yet to try making these, but they look delish!

this is totally random, but I really like your hair! it is so beautiful. :)


LKF said...

Hey! I went to three different stores to find the pan for the cake pops and couldn't find them anywhere! Where did you get yours? Thanks for your comment :)