Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's day of course :)

SO. let me tell you about my wonderful Valentine's day. I know--how typical. But my day started out a little different than most with a bit of excitement {I guess you can call it that}. There was a shooting at the university I go to, yes yes, a shooting. No worries, everyone is okay. We were on lock down for a little while--it was complete with the SWAT team, helicopters, and news stations--the whole SHAbang. Want details? Check it out here.

Now on to the more romantic side of my day. I was picked up by Clint and we went to Nashville to have dinner at the Melting Pot. {never been there? you need to check it out--not really an option, you must}  My "gift" to Clint was this book called What I Love About You {super sweet if you need any ideas} it asks over 100 questions about your significant other {many you would never think of} and it's really sweet to watch them read it because they feel all special inside. {WARNING: the book takes hours to fill out, so don't wait until the last minute! It's fun to fill out though}

Then on our way back to the car I thought the evening was over. NOPE. He opens up the back of the Tahoe and has a blanket laid out, some Sparkling Grape Juice {we're not drinkers ha} and there was a rose and card laying out. This all made sense now because Clint made a fuss over parking on the very TOP of the parking garage and backing into the space. If you haven't been to nashville, it's beautiful at night and the weather was lovely. Needless to say I had a wonderful evening with a great guy.

Lesson Learned: As you grow up, you start to realize what's important. My favorite part of the evening was sitting in the back of a car--not the expensive fancy dinner {although it was great} What I thought was really amazing was the fact that he took the time to think of something special just for me. Just cuddling up and watching the city and enjoying the fact that I have someone that would do anything for me. I realized I need to pay attention to the small things, because most of the time--those are the things that have the most thoughts, emotions, and sincerity behind it.

----disclaimer: photos were taken from my cell phone, so please excuse the poor quality.


Monica said...

Sniff, Sniff....such a "notebook" thing to do. Very sweeeeeeet.

Ashley said...

one day, when I'm a rich teacher I suppose {joke-haha}, I'll go to the melting pot.......... unless you wanna take me?! :D

Kirsten said...

That Melting Pot restaurant looks amazing!! We don't have anything like that in lil Ol' England :(
Your blog is really sweet, loving your posts - the book idea is really adorable too, sounds like you had a really lovely V.D.
Look forward to reading your next post! xx