Sunday, February 13, 2011

is it february?

I started to question if it really was February when I spent the weekend outside with no jacket. In the 60s all weekend, you heard that right. the 60s! After a week of snow, that was wonderful. My weekend was great. I met a new member of the family, my nephew, Ozzy. He is so cute! A little feisty, but definitely cute.

My sister (Ashley), her boyfriend (Chris), Ozzy, Dutchie, and I all went to see my significant other (Clint) play baseball in Alabama. It was a three hour drive, but very worth it to see him potentially play his last game. Spending the weekend with them was great, I'm so lucky to have a family like them. We didn't do anything but hang out and eat {something I am very good at--the gym my not be my thing, but show me some food and that is right up my alley} but still managed to have a wonderful time.

So, I have realized this weekend I have yet another weakness, or two. One: I am not a good photographer. I try, I do. But my sister had to correct me multiple times and the pictures still did not turn out good apparently. Two: I'm not so good at posing for pictures either. I get awkward and clam up. Due to my sisters good photography skills {better than mine at least} we got a few good ones.

lesson learned: there is no need to spend money, go somewhere crazy, or even go out to have a great time. surround yourself with people you love and you will have a good time regardless of what you're doing. maybe this wasn't learned today, but it was definitely reinforced.


Ashley said...

Awww I love your lesson learned!! Too sweet!!(: I had a great time as well, love you!

Monica said...

Does my heart good to see sisters enjoy each other so much!! When you two were little, I would say...from cradle to grave...It was very important to me for you two stay close throughout life. It seems I have accomplished that. I love you both so much!