Tuesday, February 15, 2011

busy, yet successful day

Thought I'd give you a few random pictures {not related to this post at all}

I was expecting today to be one of those days. School all day, two tests {one in ethics--talk about a confusing class}, a paper to write. Just never ending. To my surprise, it wasn't all that bad. I was happy to get the tests over with..I'd like to say I feel good about them, but I don't really feel anything about them. To be honest I don't even care. shh. don't tell. 

Phoebe came over to give me the details of her engagement. How sweet! In the middle of the story her fiance stops by and they were TOO cute together. It brings out the wanna-be wedding planner in me. But , reluctantly, I'll keep my unexperienced nose out of things. {although, if she wants free advice, I'm totally in}

My night ended very sentimental. It was our last Quest {training to become a leader for Young Life} and we ended the meeting with a sweet prayer circle. And even got an "I love you" from our leader followed by an "awwww" in unison. We get placed {told what high school we are leading at} on Saturday after a day of leader bonding and to be honest I am nervous. I'm most scared about being the "new girl" at a school with leaders who all have already formed relationships. But it will all end up wonderful {I'll fill ya in on how the day goes!}

lesson learned: Don't let your fears, worries, or stress run your emotions. They tend to dominate your emotions {I like to think of them as bullies}. Instead of being worried and thinking of all the negative things that could happen, relax--prepare yourself and that's all you can do. If you spend the moments leading up to something stressed out, you ruin the chance to enjoy those days. When most of the time, it turns out not being that bad {and what a waste of days stressed out and sadness} 

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