Friday, February 11, 2011

first post!

my first post on my first blog.. monumental :) I wish I had something important to say, but I don't! After following some very cute blogs like the daybook and my sister's blog, I was inspired to write my own! I couldn't be happier with my life right now and I thought what better way to celebrate than sharing it with others? Bear with me while I figure this whole thing out, my goal is to share interesting things in my life and lessons I've learned..

lesson learned: making a blog cute is a LOT harder than I thought..


Ashley said...

hehe I love it already!! Glad I'll have more blogs to read! (: I was looking on the day book&think we should also do "awkward&awesome thursdays" :D .. we should also think of another cute thing like that we could both do??

kelley mackenzie said...

i'm down for awkward&awesome's :)) my goal is at the end of each post i have a "lesson learned:" but we'll see how that goes! i'm not very creative so i may run out of ideas!