Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

 sweet tea of course.

 meet my roommate, haley.

disclaimer: we've been out in the rain, we like to think we look better than this--sometimes at least.


- having your umbrella down really low {so that the wind doesn't blow rain in your face} and not seeing the tree right in front of you {yepp. ran right into it}
- wearing a dress {thankfully with leggings} and a backpack--not a good combination--my dress got caught under it while I was walking across campus--completely exposing my bum. 
- noticing a huge puddle in front of you and leaping to the side in oder to dodge it only to find yourself landing in an even bigger puddle. 
- I was in the midst of dropping my umbrella, so I try to do this ninja move and catch it--end up throwing it in someone's face {they didn't see the humor in it}


- my girl scout cookies came in todayy! yum yum yum.
- it was dollar day at Jimmy John's--8 inch sandwich for only a dollar. {I of course had to leave class early in order to make this fantastic deal}
- leaving class early was awesome in and of itself
- my group presentation today went amazing. we got great feedback from both the professor and the class. it was five minutes of telling us how great we did, what an ego boost considering before the class started I thought we'd do awful. favorite comment? that it was like I was speaking in conversation. typically I speak really fast and really quiet. {BEST part? I don't have to wake up at 6 am to meet with my group anymore}
- I got an A on my ethics test! {something I did not think was possible}studying 8 hours straight paid off! can we please take a moment, soak this in, have a little party?

whew. alright. onward.
- my class tomorrow got cancelled so my weekend starts now
- I am going to a Predators game tonight {hockey}. date night with clint. {can we say concession stand hot dogs for dinner? yumm}
- not sure if this is awesome, but it's definitely funny. dutchie found a flaming hot cheeto, snatched it up, got yelled at, dropped it, and now is suffering the consequences of a burning mouth. she's not too sure what to do with herself. {muahaha--evil I know}

this pretty much has been a fantastic day and it's not even over!

{30 day challenge will be posted when I return from the game}

lesson learned: great things can happen when you least expect it. I expected today to be awful, but look what God can do. my day has already been amazing--so don't be a debbie downer like I was. things can always turn around.


Coach Haley said...
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Haley said...

I am a mad scientist! MWAHAHAHA

Monica said...

I so wish I could have seen you walk across campus...sounds like scene from a Nanny episode. Congrats on your school work....I just keep getting prouder...if that is possible.