Saturday, August 27, 2011

this time last year..

i've been missing for a while--please forgive me? :) i've moved back to school and had an amazing/busy past few weeks! getting settled here has taken some time--mostly for little dutchie :( when i leave the house this is where she hides:

sad right? so i've tried to stay home as much as possible to get her adjusted. time flies! it's been a year since i transfered schools and it blows my mind how much my life has changed. looking back on this time last year i would have NEVER thought this is where i'd be. I came to this school spur of the moment for my pre-vet major (clearly not my major now)--who would have thought that i would have joined younglife, found God, met the most amazing people, realized how much of a MESS i am but love it, and grown in my faith? not me. i was never a crazy kid--actually an annoying goody two shoes probably. i had great friends and a great a family yet i still felt like i was missing something. I had a God shaped hole in my heart :) (someone told me that and i thought it was so cute/accurate) i wouldn't trade anything for this past year, probably the hardest in my life so far, but definitely most rewarding. i can't describe how excited i am for this year to come because i am now living with my best friends who push me towards Christ on a daily basis. can i just say how INCREDIBLE they are? God has SO much in store for us this year :)

okay okay, enough rambling. i just want to share some of my story. and how i thought i had my life together: great friends, family, grades, not wild--i thought that was it--my priorities were messed up and i didn't even realize it. i thought if i was doing great in school, successful, and nice i was perfect--but i still went to bed feeling like i was missing something, lonely. and still do when i lose my fire for Christ. but i just know when i surround myself with Him i have NEVER been happier. i have SO much more growth and learning left, but this much i know: God will always be here for me through my journey and there is nothing more rewarding than that. the best lesson i have learned is that nothing on this planet is more important than God and that should reflect in everything i do--in return He will give me everything i need. 

OKAY DONE. anyone have stories about growing up, lessons, or verses to share? i have some fun stories to tell you guys about these past couple weeks--and SO much coming up in the next few weeks! so check back--i will actually be posting now ;)

yours truly, 
kelley mackenzie

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brittany said...

i am so happy for you! some people spend their entire lives unable to identify why they are empty and why they can't fill their void. only God can :) HALLELUJAH!! it's a beautiful message to share!!