Thursday, August 11, 2011

dirty dancing!

okay, fact about me: dirty dancing is my favorite movie ever. and i heard something interesting on the radio today. they're doing a remake! i know what you're thinking, remakes are almost NEVER good, and why would you even try and top the original? well, i don't have the answer to that. BUT. i did get fascinated when i heard who they are potentially casting for Frances (Baby):

{miley cyrus-boo, not excited about her, but i don't think she'll get the part--not that great of an actress and too much attitude for the role}

{demi lovato-have no idea how she'd do in the role but i think it would be interesting to watch}

 {lea michelle-rachel from glee! she can act, sing, and dance :) and i'm interested to see how she'd do in a role outside of Glee}

what do y'all think?! they mentioned who would play Johnny, but i didn't recognize any of them except Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars.

{seems like too much of a pretty boy to me}

opinions? who do you think would be best? johnny has to be a bad boy :) {random: one more week until i go back to school and i couldn't be more excited :) promise i'll have more interesting things to tell you then ;) }

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie


Miranda said...

oh my gosh NOOOO to miley cyrus. that girl drives me crazy! She would ruin the movie. I so wish they were not remaking this movie.Its one of those classics that should be left alone.

EmCain said...

I totally agree with you and Miranda! I will be heart broken if they remake it ESPECIALLY with Miley! Poor Patrick :(

Lindy Maddox said...

I definitely think Lea michelle would be the best! she even kinda looks like her! thats gonna be fun to watch :)

Ashley Sloan said...

Anyone but the Glee girl haha. Maybe it is just me! Okay I am going to try and Follow again haha. :)

Ashley Sloan