Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sharptop cove!

what. a. weekend. it was amazing but SO tiring. I can count on my hands how many hours of sleep I got the entire weekend--but definitely worth it! I got to spend so much time with my incredible young life girls, hear an amazing speaker, listen to an incredible musician {Lee Younger}, laugh at great skits, and spend time with God in such a beautiful place!

i think i learned just HOW much I am going to have to rely on Him in my life and I am TOTALLY okay with that--and I got to see Him impact so many people around me-such a beautiful sight to see :)

 {isn't it such an incredible place? wish i could live there year long!}
{the BLOB!}
 {bus ride was fun and loud! ha}
 {we got in a flour fight!}
{our ride on the big swing!}

i wouldn't have wanted to spend my weekend any other way! one of the best parts was when jaci, haley, and i started dueling and threw each other into the pond-keep in mind it was low 70s-in the mountains-water freezing! i haven't laughed that hard in a long time-God has blessed me with such an incredible community! how'd y'all spend your weekend?!

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yours truly,
kelley mackenzie


Liesl said...

Looks like an adventure filled weekend...plus, it is always great to laugh super hard! My weekend was much more low key, but glad you had fun!

Liesl :)

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for following my blog! I love your header, that's one of my favorite versus :)

Erin said...

Oh my gosh?! Where is this?! I have worked on "Work Crew" for a Young Life Camp in Arizona! :) LOVE LOVE YL!

el.vi. said...

wow looks like a great weekend...I love girl time...and then sometimes you just need to getaway..

Monica said...

So proud of you!!!

Autumn said...

The flour fight looks like so much fun :)