Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Fall :)

okay okay. I know it took me WAY longer to get back into blogging than expected, but i'm back for good! school has been CRAZY. anatomy is kicking me in the butt and it seems as if all my free time goes into that (and i still can't get an A)--quick update: younglife is in full swing! I've got my own girls :) SO exciting, still getting to know them all, but they are great! We go to camp next weekend and I know its going to be amazing! (pray for me--first time doing something like this)

so anyways. this past sunday we had an old fashion tea party at the house complete with floral dresses, finger foods, and Frank Sinatra on a record player :)

{thanks to goodwill, we got our teacups and saucers for a steal--only a few cents}

 {we had a mini photobooth set up with props}

unique/cheap thing to do on a sunday--tons of fun! I have lots more to share, but time to go study for my lab practical (goodbye life!)

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie


Anna-Alina said...

Cute post!

Jennifer said...

For starters, your blog is so great. I love it.

Second, I really want a tea party like that! Adorable!

Lindy Maddox said...

Omg haha that last picture with the dog is so funny! Love it.