Monday, October 17, 2011

review and My Memories giveaway!!

due to a hectic week filled with midterms and preparing for sharptop cove with my girls {i'll tell yall about that tomorrow} it's taken me this long to post! buuut here is the giveaway I promised!

okay. so when I got the email about doing this review/giveaway I was really excited, but also apprehensive. because I'm not going to just advertise anything on my blog in hopes to gain from it-I have to legitimately like it. I was scared I'd accept the offer, try out the program, not like it and then be stuck! THANKFULLY due to the amazingness of this software this review will be easyyyy!

now on to the review. it is a digital scrapbook software, but you can also make videos, cards and invitations {too bad i didn't have it a couple weeks ago when we had our tea party or else we could have had awesome invites} I was on the yearbook staff in high school so this is right up my alley! what I love is how simple it is to operate-the buttons are clear, editing is simple. {which is great for me, I don't have the time or patience to figure things out} I've taken multiple classes on photoshop and I still can't figure the thing out, this took me two seconds to look it all over and I knew how to do everything. another cool thing is every so often there are FREE new backgrounds, kits, and embellishments that can be downloaded to the software that automatically add to your options-there are also ones you can buy {real scrapbooking is just such an expensive hobby-this is much more efficient} once you've made something you can get your card, invite, or book printed! for my one year anniversary with clint I had a photobook made on shutterfly-which was fun, but this you can personalize SO much more, it will look much nicer, and it's only a one time payment {unless you win the giveaway and then it's free}!

it is called My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbook (version 2) and is the number one rated scrapbooking software on amazon! We announced to our kids yesterday we will be going to Crooked Creek Ranch {young life camp} for summer camp this year and out of excitement {I've never been to colorado!} I made a fake invite using the software--keep in mind this only took me five or ten minutes-so imagine what you could do with more time and creativity!

{and to export things as a jpg-you just click and button and it's done, I thought I'd have to go through some big long process to share my invite with y'all}

how to enter:

1. go to My Memories and pick out your favorite digital paper pack or kit
2. leave it in a comment so I can see what y'all like!
3. for EXTRA entries-follow them on their blog, follow them on twitter, and/or like them on facebook
4. leave a separate comment for each of your enteries

good luck! the winner will be announced next monday {what a great way to start the week :) }

for the rest of you-or your friends/family! they have been SO kind to give us a PROMO code! this gets us $10 off the software! Usually it is $39.97 and now it will only be $29.97--that is a good deal for a lifetime of free cards/invites/scrapbooks/videos! It also gets you a $10 coupon to the My Memories store!

my promo code is: STMMMS14117 {I would copy&paste for no errors}

yours truly,
kelley mackenzie


Michal said...

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Kristin said...

O my goodness! What a great giveaway! I'm glad your doing this! With 3 kids i could really use this one :)

I like their Toil and Trouble halloween pack!! Super cute!!

P.S. love your blog!

Kristin said...

I am following them on facebook

Kristin said...

I am following them on twitter

Kristin said...

I am following their blog

Monica said...

That is a pretty neat program!

Ashleigh said...

following the blog!

Ashleigh said...

my first comment didn't show up, but you know this software has the yearbooker in me all excited too! loved the little slugger papers!

Ashleigh said...

following on twitter!

Ashleigh said...

anddd, i liked them on fb! can't wait til monday!