Wednesday, June 29, 2011

college forever??

hey ya'll! i switched the blog up a bit--what do you think?! don't be too critical--i'm not finished, still trying to learn how to do all that fancy design stuff :) i'm really liking peach right now {i'll have to show yall how i'm designing my room at school}

what's been on my mind lately is my major--I am about to be a junior in college and still trying to figure it out. I know people say "don't stress, you have time to figure it out--you're young" &&all this is true, but i've been done with core classes for a while && now i'm wasting money/time..but my logic is one more year in school is MUCH better than a lifetime of work at a job you don't my question is--how did you guys finally decide your major??

i'm indecisive--i know. I started out undecided, then pre-vet, then organizational communications {weird major, i know}, and now....drum roll.....nursing. then hopefully working as a neonatal nurse. any nurses out there? or nursing majors? any advice? we'll see how long this one sticks, but hopefully it does because it's a competitive major so it's not going to be easy

my advice to people going into college/in college..take a class in each of your interests and try and see what you like the best. do lots of research, and volunteer if you can! but don't stress--it really is better to take the time to figure out what you love!

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -howard thurman

so true right? if ya'll have any advice about majors, my blog, or anything--feel free to comment! 

i'll leave you with some pictures of me and clinton before we left for cma fest :)

yours truly, 
kelley mackenzie


-Kelsey said...

I honestly think that what your degree is in doesn't matter that much. College is getting easier b/c everyone goes & the schools want to make money! its turning into high school. people are expected to have masters degrees now! (ugh!) so don't stress toooo much about it, chances are you'll change your mind after college anyway. I've only been out of school 2 years & want to do something different!
business or communications are always safe bets for the undecided... but nursing would be GREAT & yea that one is kinda different, you sorta have to major in that :)

kelley mackenzie said...

very true! and i definitely agree about college becoming high school--half the people in my classes never show up/pay attention and I always think what a waste of money! thanks for the advice--i'll just enjoy it and see where life takes me! i'll EVENTUALLY figure it out, no rush right? :))